Who is Above the Standard?

Above the Standard helps organizations of all sizes in many industries to be more profitable and best in class by increasing profits, improving costs, and enabling growth.

Funding, Finance, and Loans – Our History

There are approximately 17.5M businesses in the US and of these only about 3% can afford to hire a professional Investment Bank to help them find capital. Investment Banks only work with companies with annual revenues of $12M and above which is only 3% of all businesses in the U.S. 


What about the other 97%? Where do they go for advice on raising capital?  

Most entrepreneurs go to people who are not trained in raising money in the capital markets like lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, business advisors, friends etc.  We feel that is why most entrepreneurs have such a hard time finding capital.


Our firm, Above the Standard (ATS) Entrepreneur Capital Corporation (ECC), founded more than 30 years ago, to fill this void, by providing the service of a Financing Advisory Firm, helping entrepreneurs raise all the capital they need when they need it. We are a national full-service firm who has the experience, database of both equity and debt sources of capital, systems and organization to advise entrepreneurs looking for funding from $25k through $10M and more.

What We Do For Our Clients! 

We help build companies by advising them as to the best ways and techniques to finance their businesses be it through debt or equity.  We offer access to capital sources who will finance just about any entrepreneurial company, in any industry, at any stage of development from start-up to early and later stages of growth. We represent the interests of our clients, not the funding sources of capital. We have 30 years of experience helping literally thousands of business achieve their financing goals. 



Funding Programs

We provide the following financing consulting services leading to a funding transaction for its clients in the following areas:


All types of Business Debt Financing

Quick Unsecured loans that can be used for any purpose, even pre-revenue companies

  • 4 Year term Loans – Unsecured, Interest free (0%) for 12 – 21 months – No Collateral or Stated Income up to $300,000

  • Personal unsecured Lines of Credit with a payback up to 7 years up to $400,000


Start-up and Pre-revenue Loans for early stage companies

  • Funding up to $5M with 10 years to pay it back


Business Growth Loans

  • Pre-Revenue or Early Stage Seed Capital loans – Funding up to $5M per qualified applicant

  • 4 Year term Loans – Interest free (0%) from 12 – 21 months – No Collateral and Stated Income

  • Acquisition of a Business Financing with only 5% equity down

  • Term Loans up to 5 years or more – No Limit on Amount

  • Purchase Order or Contract Financing/Account Receivable Financing

  • SBA Loans / Inventory Financing

  • Equipment Financing – New or Used – Equipment Loan based on Used Equipment in Business

  • Receivable and Inventory Financing

  • Patent, Technology, Intangibles, Intellectual Property Financing

  • Business Real Estate Financing for Commercial or Industrial Development

  • International Business loans of any kind anywhere for at least $10M or more.

  • Accounts Payable Financing for Acquiring Businesses, Equipment, Real Estate, or Working Capital for expansion from $5M and up anywhere in the world with terms of 5, 10 and 20-year loans


All Types of Commercial Real Estate Debt Financing

  • Real Estate Financing for Residential, Commercial or Industrial Development – USA

  • All types for Commercial Real Estate Financing form $100k and up

  • Construction Financing – Can arrange financing up to 100% of construction or purchase price – 10-year Non-Recourse Loan at 4.5% Interest only with up to 3 years grace period for construction and stabilization – $10M Min. USA Only

  • Bridge Loans rom $1M to $10M anywhere in the world

  • Large International Real Estate Project Financing from $20M and up 


Equity Financing for very strong early stage companies showing proof of concept and some revenues.

Revenue Sources

  • For Debt - Banks and Non- Banks and Finance Companies

  • For equity - Venture Capitalists, Private funds, Family Offices, and certain Accredited Angel Investors


  • Primary: Anywhere in the United States or Canada

  • Secondary: Worldwide

Ready to go higher?

Detail descriptions and applications for any of these programs are available upon request by filling out our Pre-Application form below.