A Few of Our Clients

Above the Standard has served many individuals and organizations around the globe in many different industries, with the opportunity of serving in more than 150 nations!

Client Testimonials

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“Above the Standard was involved in a national fleet project that streamlined efficiency and reduced costs across the U.S. During this time, the company went through an extensive RFP project for their entire corporate fleet. They were involved in the project and their research was thorough and comprehensive.”

- Account Manager, Fleet Services, Maryland

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“Above the Standard is an action-oriented company with a laser-like focus on saving their clients’ money. Their deep experience and team-based approach allows them to help companies set up new money savings processes that memorialize their savings methods for years to come”

- Steve Dolbow, Vice President

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“My name is Brad Sternberg, owner and CEO of AZ Solutions. I have had the honor to work with Above the Standard on several projects. I have found them to be fair, cutting edge, efficient, and effective. Each procurement project has helped me to know and understand exactly what was needed. I would recommend Above the Standard to anyone, whether a vendor, a client, and/or a corporate opportunity.”

- Brad Sternberg, AZ Solutions

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“I have worked with Above the Standard for more than fifteen years for wireless and communication solutions. The primary objective for each project has been to provide a one-carrier solution where possible, with the most functionality, at the least cost, without jeopardizing quality. Throughout each project, I interacted frequently with Above the Standard’s teams, and found them to be organized, team players, communicated well, and always delivered on time.”

- Account Executive

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“We at Geiger worked with the Above the Standard team in putting together a successful national company store program for a large multi-billion-dollar company. Objectives were to reduce overall costs for branded promotional products and logo apparel while at the same time reinforcing the companies brand through consistent use of the company’s identity throughout their various divisions. They made their objectives clear to us from the start and then worked carefully with us to craft a successful program that remains in effect to this day.”

- Scott Boyages, CAS, Massachusetts, Geiger Sales Partner

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“My company, HK Sports, worked with the Above the Standard team to select us as a national company for uniform, sportswear.... supply to all their locations across the nation. Because of the process, cost was reduced to the client, communication increased; there was more efficiency, better customer service, and greater satisfaction."

- Jason Phipps, CEO