Criteria One: Desire to reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Criteria Two: Company gross revenues of $1 Million+ in the United States and $100 Million+ in other nations.

Criteria Three: Be committed to working as a team.

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Reduce Cost

We are glad you have decided to reduce your costs, implement best value, all performance-based, with our No Cost Assessment.


If we succeed in reducing your costs, we are ONLY paid an agreed-upon percentage!

Our Cost Reduction Process is Simple

Step 1: You – Complete No Cost Assessment (NCA) Form.

Step 2: ATS – Review NCA Form and your information to see if you qualify.

Step 3: ATS – If you qualify, we submit the next steps and / or our NCA Template.

Step 4: You – Provide the necessary Information and / or fill out the NCA Template and email to

Step 5: ATS – Our cost reduction experts and procurement team review.

Step 6: ATS – If we believe we can reduce your costs, we review the findings with you.

Step 7: You – Review the findings together on a call.

Step 8: ATS and You – We provide the agreed solutions.

Step 9: ATS and You – Agreement signed by both parties.

Step 10: ATS and You – We start the solutions processes, including and updating you, for your cost reduction outcomes!

Start Improving Your Bottom Line!

Fill out the online No Cost Assessment form below to start your No Risk and No Cost performance-based cost savings!

Once we receive your form, Above the Standard will review your information and share you easy next cost reduction steps.


If you would prefer filling out and signing an NDA before filling out our NCA form above, email with NDA in the subject title.

Fill in the areas you would like us to review with you (i.e., Merchant, Shipping, Other Cost Reduction, Procurement, AI Business Growth, and Any Other Areas) along with each area's annual spend.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you ASAP.