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A Leader Sees Others Potential (Management and Leadership #7)

February 13, 2019

Empower Others to their Full Potential!

Another very important part to success and leadership is how you empower others to their full potential.  Review some of the steps below in this process as you empower others into leadership in their lives.  After you have found confidence in yourself (your abilities and who you are as a person and as a leader) and in the persons you would like to empower, you are ready to start the process.  Your goal should be to hand over relatively small, simple tasks in the beginning and progressively increase each person’s responsibilities and authority.  No matter where a person is at, if their passion and desire is to become successful, become a leader, and change their life, you will be able to help them and they will be able to help themselves.

Evaluate every single person you personally bring into your team (your team / employees).  In this process, remember that all people have the ability to be a leader and become a success.  Your job is to see the potential, find out what they lack to develop their success (Ex: organization skills; time management; communication skills; etc.), and equip them with what they need.


In doing this, look at these areas in their life for proper evaluation:

  • Knowledge – think about each person and what they need to know

  • Skill – examine the skill level they are at – have they been in business before?  Are they a people person?  Have the evaluated other leaders (books, tapes, seminars, etc.)?  Have they been in this industry before?

  • Desire – without this, no amount of skill and experience will help a person succeed.


What Must You Do?


  • Model for them – Even people with knowledge, skill, and desire need to know what’s expected of them, and the best way to inform them is to show them.   People do what people see!!!

  • Give them permission – As a leader and influencer, you may believe that everyone wants to be successful – unfortunately, this is not true.  A lot of the failures in a person’s life take place in their mind (before any action in their life).  You have to help others believe that they can succeed and show them that you want them to succeed.  You can do this be helping them expect it (communicate, support, and listen) and by helping them verbalize it (speak what they want, write down what they want, and review every day what they want).

  • Give them your authority – Share your power and ability to get things done with them.

  • Show your confidence in them publicly – When you transfer authority to the people you empower, you need to tell them that you believe in them, and you need to do it publicly.

  • Give each person feedback – Praise, encourage, and tell others about what a great job they are doing, give them constructive criticism – communicate.

  • Release them – Once the person is ready to go on their own, release them into their success fully.  Give them as much freedom as possible as soon as they are ready for it


If you provide the environment, vision, communications, opportunities, and path for the person to become a leader in their own life, you will see this happen!


Lasting Leadership

            How do you create lasting leadership?  This is so important, because if leadership is not sustainable, your team and any team involved will fall apart.  Below are some things to take into consideration as you develop sustainable leadership in you and every person you influence in life.  A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.


Sustainable Leadership

Leaders who leave a legacy for their team do the following:

  • Think, act, lead, and support with a long-term view;

  • Prepare their team, prepare any successors, and look out for the best interest of the team long-term;

  • Create and continue a culture of leadership;

  • Create development of leaders from the bottom up – create a succession of leaders;

  • Understand and act upon the belief that for success tomorrow (weeks, months, and the year’s ahead) pay the price today;

  • Know and follow – there is no success without sacrifice;

  • Hold team leadership above individual leadership;

  • No leader can do it all alone – it is a team effort that brings success in anything we do in life; and

  • Uphold Integrity.


(Landgraf, Ted)


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