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Difference – Leaders and Followers (Management and Leadership #4)

February 13, 2019

Another important area with leadership, your team, and maximization of others efforts, is whom you surround yourself with in all areas of life.  Why?  To be a leader, you need people who are either leaders or people you can develop into leaders.  Remember, this is how you will maximize outcomes in your life and other people’s lives.  So, what are the main differences between leaders and followers?


Followers tend to react and Leaders tend to initiate

Leaders do the following:

  • Initiate;

  • Lead – communicate with any tool available (phone, email, mail, fax, etc.);

  • Spend time planning;

  • Anticipate problems – works and finds solutions;

  • Invest time with people; and

  • Prioritizes calendar daily with long-term goals.



  • React;

  • Wait for things to happen;

  • Look at things as problems, not opportunities;

  • Lives day-to-day;

  • Spends time with people, but does not invest in people; and

  • Calendar is filled with requests from others (not what they need to do to accomplish their goals).


(Landgraf, Ted)


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