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Leadership Vision (Management and Leadership #5)

February 13, 2019

What is Your Vision? How Important is Vision?

Another critical element of leadership and how management instills an environment in the team is Vision!  How do you communicate and give vision to others effectively?  In working with people, truth is, “You can seize only what you can see.”


Being an effective visionary leader means you have to look before you lead.

Vision is everything for a leader.  It is utterly indispensable, because vision leads the leader and helps the leader communicate the target to others.  This vision sparks the fire, the fuel, and the energy within, and draws him or her forward.  To understand vision and how vision is a part of a leader’s life, review these principles below:

  • Vision meets others’ needs – your vision must serve others.

  • Vision helps you gather resources – on of the most valuable benefits of vision is that it acts like a magnet (attracting, challenging, and uniting people).

  • Vision starts within – If you lack vision, look inside yourself.

  • Vision Draws on history – many leaders vision came from key events in their past.

  • Vision gives life – “Without vision, the people will perish”.

  • Vision comes from listening – you must be able to listen on several levels.


There are three different voices in your mind and intuition you must evaluate as a leader in life.  They are:

  • The inner voice – this comes from within – vision starts within – it is the knowing of what your life mission is.  It is what stirs your heart.  It is what you dream about.

  • The unhappy voice – Noticing what does not work helps you and gives you inspiration to work and plan from a different angle.

  • The successful voice – It takes the TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) to be successful.  You have to have a voice from a good team to succeed.


Be a visionary in all that you do and watch outcomes increase not just in you, but in those around you!  Empower and create leaders!  Do not hold yourself back by holding others back to become all that they can become as a leader.


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