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Be Realistic in Your Goals! (Part 3)

September 5, 2019

Below are some common reasons why people set goals unrealistically high

  • Other people: Other people (parents, media, and society) can set unrealistic goals for you, based on what they want. Often this will be done in ignorance of your goals, desires and ambitions.

  • Insufficient information: If you do not have a clear, realistic understanding of what you are trying to achieve and of the skills and knowledge to be mastered, it is difficult to set effective and realistic goals.

  • Always expecting your best performance: Many people base their goals on their best performance, however long ago that were. This ignores the inevitable backsliding that can occur for good reasons and ignores the factors that led to that best performance. It is better to set goals that raise your average performance and make it more consistent.

  • Lack of respect for yourself: If you do not respect your right to rest, relax and have pleasure in life then you risk suffering burnout. No matter how large your business is you always have the right to rest and enjoy what you have accomplished.

  • Setting Goals Too Low: Alternatively, goals can be set too low which can keep you from growing and achieving true personal satisfaction. 


Following are some common reasons why people set goals to low:

  • Fear of failure: If you are frightened of failure you will not take the risks needed for optimum performance. As you apply goal setting and see the achievement of goals, your self- confidence should increase, helping you to take bigger risks.

  • Know that failure is a positive thing: it shows you areas where you can improve your skills and performance.
    Taking it too easy: It is easy to take the reasons for not setting goals unrealistically high as an excuse to set them too low. If you’re not prepared to stretch yourself and work hard, then you are extremely unlikely to achieve anything of any real worth.

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