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Surrender to Your Goal! (Part 8)

September 5, 2019

When you surrender yourself to your desires, when you let yourself become obsessed with a goal, you receive the physical power, energy, and enthusiasm needed to accomplish your goal.


Deeply entrenched goals keep you on course to reach your target. When you surrender to your goal, the goal works itself into your subconscious mind. This subconscious goal constantly speaks to you the image you want. 


Surrender to Your Goal 

Let it obsess you and give you the automatic direction needed to accomplish what you want. 


As you press forward to success, set goals! Do this with your deadlines, target dates, and self-imposed quotas.


You will accomplish only what you plan to accomplish. 


Progress is Made One Step at a Time 

The step-by-step method is the only intelligent way to attain any objective. 


Sometimes it appears that someone achieves success all at once. But if you check the past histories of people who seemed to arrive at the top suddenly, you will discover a lot of solid groundwork was previously laid. Sustainable successful people have laid the foundation on a solid foundation, process, plan, and have continued to believe!


What are You Going to Do Today and Each Day for the Rest of Your Life?!

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