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What happens when you combine 30+ years of cost reduction with 35+ years of engineering?


Stable Solutions. We’re a group of business professionals and engineers set on creating top of the line products. We specialize in manufacturing products that reduce fuel emissions without jeopardizing performance. Our products meet the demands of customers who aim to increase their bottom line, extend life of equipment, reduce climate change, or all of the above.  

The Fossil Fuel Stabilizer

We offer a unique emissions and fuel solutions device called a Fossil Fuel Stabilizer. The device reduces fuel usage without any loss of performance. It is the only pre-combustion fuel technology that has ever passed FAA’s stringent testing protocol.


FAA tested and approved to have been installed on all of Purdue University’s Aeronautical Schools training air crafts which makes our technology far more superior than anything else on the market.

Case Studies and Tesimonials


"Increased MPG 22% with a payback of 1.6 years"


"We no longer top off every 7 days, rather 8 days or more, roughly 14% fuel savings."


"Prior to installation NOx was 86.8 ppm and after the installation it was 2.8 ppm (reduction of 96%)."


"Installed 2 inch unit and within 10 days, NOX readings were reduced from 2,476 to 547. (1,929 or 78% reduction)"

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