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What We Offer

Above the Standard has served many clients, in many industries, around the globe over the last 30+ years delivering Tens of Billions of Dollars in cost reduction and profit increase.


Above the Standard Cost Reduction Solutions are first in class and a great way for our client partners to get to know us and develop trusted relationship through performance.


Our average cost reduction savings typically ranges from 20% to more than 40%, with an overall 28% average over the last 40 years, working in many areas, through our unique solutions.


We have conducted thousands of procurement cost reductions, most performance based, in more than 1,000 goods and service areas. We conduct the entire No Cost Assessment at No Cost, agree upon best areas for greatest outcomes, conducting the full proposal process, benchmarking, negotiating, and finalizing a final supplier partner to meet your specific criteria.


Our AI, Technology, and Consulting empowers our clients to succeed in the entire client journey, operations automation, client partner development, and other custom areas.


We work in many custom consulting areas, including training, strategy, process, compliance, and much more. Client outcomes depend upon need, agreement, scope of work, and other factors.


For pricing, outcomes, geography, and solutions, review each solution, and contact us for an exploratory call.