Image by Sheri Hooley

Who We Are

Above the Standard Empowers organizations of all sizes and industries to be more profitable and best in class by increasing profits and reducing costs. 

  • 30+ year history, working in more than 150 nations.

  • $10’s of billions profit results for small to large organizations.

  • 28%+ average savings, performance based, for engaged clients.

  • 1,000+ goods and services solutions areas (No Cost Assessment).

  • 1,000’s of global partners and experts.

  • 1,000’s of exceptional client stories.

Why Use Our Services?

More organizations are seeking the involvement of experts and partners to leverage their abilities to increase profits and reduce cost in most business areas!

  • Not enough clients.

  • Need for strategy and growth.

  • Organizations gaining access to increased profits and reduced costs.

  • Pressures for staff to re-focus core competencies.

  • Reduce hard costs and transaction costs.

  • Compliance and regulation increase.

  • Not enough staff.

What We Do!

We deliver results by supporting the core competencies and uniqueness of each of our clients. Each solution is customized through our cutting-edge proprietary solutions and global expert team.

  • Business Growth Solutions: AI and technology solutions.

  • Profit Solutions: Strategy, team, and efficiency allocation solutions.

  • Cost Reduction Solutions: Cost reduction, procurement, and sourcing solutions.

Why Work with Us?

  • Proprietary In-House No Cost Assessment.

  • Compensation is Mutual Win-Win – When You Win, We Win.

  • Take Comfort – We Provide Tested and Proven Solutions.

* Some solutions are performance-based and no cost, while other solutions are based on client need and contract.